Welcome to Scaleplus Models!

Scaleplus Models develops and manufactures kits for remote-controlled scale helicopter models.

A special emphasis is placed on the authentic reproduction of proportions and details of the original full-scale helicopter, at the same time combined with the implementation of innovative, technical solutions.

The focus is on the modernization of model making. First and foremost, this includes increasing the functionality of components and thus reducing complexity. This improves reliability and reduces maintenance. This simply makes the hobby more fun!

In addition to computer-aided development, modern techniques such as beam cutting and the constantly evolving 3D printing technologies are used in production. All essential components are manufactured or finished in our own workshop.

Scaleplus Models looks back on more than 35 years of experience of the owner in the production of model helicopters. Over the course of a few years, new concepts have emerged, also influenced by our development activities in the field of large helicopters, which are now being incorporated into series products.

If you have any suggestions or questions about our products or just want more information, please contact us. Thank you for your interest in our models.

Thank you for your visit!


Björn Jung

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