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The 902 Explorer is a modern eight-seat, twin-engine helicopter. It is often used as a rescue helicopter or for surveillance tasks. With its take-off power of 820 kW and a maximum take-off weight of 2948 kg, it reaches a cruising speed of 252 km/h. The prototype took off on its maiden flight in 1992. A special feature is the torque compensation by means of an air jet that emerges from longitudinal slots on the tail boom and laterally from a controllable nozzle. The air jet is generated by an adjustable axial fan in the fuselage, which is driven from the main gearbox. This system is silent and safer in the event of contact with foreign objects.


Fuselage at scale 1/8
incl. Plus-Mechanics and

No. 18900

€ 1989.00 (incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)


This model also reflects the geometrie of the original helicopter with high accuracy. Original documents and dimensions verified directly on the full-scale helicopter formed the basis of this construction. Thanks to the tail-rotorless concept, the mechanical installation effort is reduced to a minimum: There are no longer any gearboxes or drive shafts in the rear area. The entire drive system of the mechanics, including the motor, blower system and remote control, form a unit that is mounted on a platform above the cabin. At the end of the tailboom there is only a servo installed for nozzle adjustment.

Compared to the full-scale Explorer, the blower system has been implemented in a simplified design as part of the PLUS-Mechanik 902. It was developed with the help of calculations and test runs on the test bench. By evaluation of numerous series of measurements it was optimized for convincing performance.

The internal structure accommodates mechanics and landing gear and is already installed. Access to the interior is provided by a removable canopy.

Typical details, such as the profiled air intake for the blower system, the landing gear or the characteristic tailboom, are reproduced according to the original. In addition, scale cockpit equipment is available for this model.


- Scale: 1/8

- Rotor diameter: 1.3 m

- Flying weight with battery 12S-4Ah: from 4.8 kg

- Body length: 1320 mm (Skid tip to end of tailboom)

- Useful type of motors (specific motor rpm):
  330-450 rpm/V @ 12 lipo cells or
  450-500 rpm/V @ 10 lipo cells or
  900-1000 rpm/V @ 6 lipo cells

  Important: A motor shaft with a length of 38 mm min. is required!



- Fuselage set made of fiberglass with white top layer

- Internal mechanics platform, already installed

- Internal air duct for the blower system

- Windshield and cockpit windows, clear and colorless

- Landing gear with scale joints, 3D-printed

- Plus-Mechanik 902, incl. blower system

- Hardware and standard parts

- Building guidelines


Cockpit 902 - Kit

Console w/instruments, control sticks,
pedals, seats, 3D-printed

No. 12530          € 249.00 (incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)

Scale Carpet

Synthetic fibre, scale texture, medium grey,
size 500 mm x 300 mm

No. 80050          € 9.00 (incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)

Decals 902

Waterslide decals,
to cut out

No. 80010          € 29.00 (incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)

Pilot Helmet 56HGU - Kit

Multi-part, transparent 3D-print, scale 1/8

No. 26240          € 45.00 (incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)

Remark: Images may show components which are not part of our program or are not included in the product.


- Motor pinion, 6 mm, 11T

- Main rotor head and blades

- Motor, electrical parts, radio control

- Glue, paint, hardware, tools

- Scale options according to your

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