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The Plus-Mechanics concentrate on the essentials. The clear, minimalistic design significantly simplifies installation and operation. Reducing the number of parts avoids tedious screwdriving work. In the fuselage, the mechanics are mounted on an integrated platform at four points only. The Plus-Mechanics has been developed by Scaleplus Models and has been in operation for several years. It can be configured according to the respective requirements of the model type.


The advanced design of the Plus-Mechanics breaks with the usual side-plate technology in a disruptive way. With its compactness it is almost invisibly accommodated in the upper portion of the fuselage. It does not stand in the way of an extensive interior scale finish. Nevertheless the mechanics are designed for full performance. Effectively, the mechanics perform exactly these three tasks:

- Distribution of engine power to the rotor systems
- Transfer of rotor forces and torques into the fuselage
- Control of the rotor system


The three servos of the swashplate are mounted in a frame, which is conveniently mounted with only two screws.


Suitable rotor diameter:                 1.3 -2.0 m
Suitable weight of helicopter          5 - 10 kg

Nominal power (electric)                 2000 W max.

Gear ratio main rotor - motor          120:16 to 120:10
Gear ratio main rotor - tail rotor     120:24 (standard)
Direction of rotor rotation              CCW (standard)
Rotor shaft diameter                     10 mm

Bore circle diameter motor flange    30 mm
Required motor shaft diameter        6 mm
Required motor shaft length          30 mm min.
                                                 (38 mm min. for no-tail-rotor variant)

Recommended servo size               40 x 20 x 40 mm (LxWXH, w/o flange)
Servo width                                  max. 20,5 mm
Servo length                                 ca. 40 +/- 4 mm
Servo flange                                 plug-in


- Drive unit with rotor mast and shaft, freewheel and servo mount
- Tail rotor output or blower, depending on the variant
- With or without swashplate / driver, depending on the variant
- Assembly guide
- Additionally required, among others: motor pinion, main rotor, tail rotor drive shaft,
  tail rotor with gearbox, electrics, electronics


PLUS-Mechanics 500

Kit - for model type 500D/E

Motor in rear position, tail rotor output,
5-blade-scale-swashplate, driver

No. 13030

€ 959.00
(incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)


PLUS-Mechanics 902

Kit - for model type 902,

motor in front position, no-tail-rotor-
system, w/o swashplate.
Motor shaft length of  38 mm min. required!

No. 13020

€ 999.00
(incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)


PLUS-Mechanics 206

Kit - for model type 206

Motor in front position, tail rotor output,
2-blade-scale-swashplate, driver

No. 13040

€ 959.00
(incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)


PLUS-Mechanik Standard

Kit - for individual application

Motor in front position, tail rotor output,
standard rotor shaft, w/o swashplate

No. 13010

€ 859.00
(incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping)


Remark: Images may show components which are not part of our program or are not included in the product.


The no-tail-rotor concept is realized by a variant of the PLUS-mechanics: a blower generates an air flow that is regulated by a variable nozzle at the rear end. The ingenious advantage: The mechanics in the tailboom can be omitted!

Safety Warning:
These helicopter models are not children’s toys! The handling of the models requires prior knowledge in model making and model flying. Improper handling can lead to serious accidents.

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